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1. Appalachian slang for favorite person, i.e. best friend or lover. Derived from the practice of rubbing salt on hunting dogs to keep off ticks. Since salt was commonly in limited supply, one would only do this to their favorite dog, and it became slang for favorite person.

2. A drink made with mixed rum and gin.

3. One who spends time on the ocean a lot, such as a sailor. Similar to sea dog.
1." Let me be your salty dog, or I won't be your man at all, honey let me be your salty dog" - Lyrics from "Salty Dog Blues" by Flatt and Scruggs.

2. Mix me up a Salty Dog, bartender!

3. The salty dog walked down the gangway and stumbled due to being used to walking on a boat.
by Guillame Francois-Dussault March 08, 2015
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your all idiots, salty dog is slang for a pirate. salty cause they spend a fair amount of time out at sea - salt water, and dog because they are disrespected criminals and to most decent folk are worth about as much as a dog
arrrrrrrgh me hearties
by salty dog January 30, 2005
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A person who has been in the NAVY for longer then three years and has been on at least two deployments.
"Barber has been in the NAVY too long"

"Yeah I know hes one hell of a salty dog"
by The people must KNOW!!! February 12, 2010
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The act of having sex with 1 girl and then meeting up with another shortly after (3-5 hours) and having her perform oral on you.
by Al April 04, 2003
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A cocktail comprising of Rum and Sea Water. Often drank in regional Australia during summer.
The Rum used is usually Captain Morgans or Sailor Jerry's but Bandaberg Rum has been known as an alternate in far north Queensland.
The Salty Dog was first invented in 1871 by a group of sailors that had their Rum stock pile flooded with sea water.
by SaltyDog1871 February 25, 2015
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When someone gives you a blow job when your penis has not been cleaned after the previous use and they look up and complain that it tastes salty, say "ARRR" like a pirate and forcefully pop it back in their mouth, and you have successfully administered the salty dog.
Cue: You taste salty, ewwww!!! (or any variation)
You say: Aye matey, that's me salty dog. ARRR!!!

by JustinOther September 15, 2007
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