1. Appalachian slang for favorite person, i.e. best friend or lover. Derived from the practice of rubbing salt on hunting dogs to keep off ticks. Since salt was commonly in limited supply, one would only do this to their favorite dog, and it became slang for favorite person.

2. A drink made with mixed rum and gin.

3. One who spends time on the ocean a lot, such as a sailor. Similar to sea dog.
1." Let me be your salty dog, or I won't be your man at all, honey let me be your salty dog" - Lyrics from "Salty Dog Blues" by Flatt and Scruggs.

2. Mix me up a Salty Dog, bartender!

3. The salty dog walked down the gangway and stumbled due to being used to walking on a boat.
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A cocktail comprising of Rum and Sea Water. Often drank in regional Australia during summer.
The Rum used is usually Captain Morgans or Sailor Jerry's but Bandaberg Rum has been known as an alternate in far north Queensland.
The Salty Dog was first invented in 1871 by a group of sailors that had their Rum stock pile flooded with sea water.
by SaltyDog1871 February 26, 2015
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the act of constantly hooking with multiple girls over a long period of time; having sex with an ex-girlfriend
Tony you got Salty yesterday, you are one SALTY DOG
by lazer303 June 23, 2011
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North Jersey slang for letting a girl give you a blowjob after you have ALREADY had sex with another woman WITHOUT washing your dick first
That girl is such a pig! After I banged Renee, I drove over to Sherries place and gave her the Salty Dog!
by A REAL Cugine April 23, 2008
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The act of defecating into the ocean thereby allowing for salty sea water to gently enter your anus. Local to New York.
"Damn no bathrooms in sight, might have to resort to a salty dog in the Atlantic."

"My asshole is always so sensitive after a salty dog. It's worth it though."
by The Salty Dogster August 14, 2011
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Referring to something that happen to you that you want to blame on the dog. The dog comes from the story... So there was a boy who got 2 new things, a dog, and a white couch. He was doing his girl up the ass, hit a gland, and she shit all over the new couch. When the parents got home and he blamed the dog, so they had the new dog put to sleep...I.E. SALTY DOG
-Damn you just gave you a f in bio,
-i know
-thats a salty dog
by Ben"jamin" March 4, 2008
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When you take a date to the movie theater, get popcorn at the snack bar, cut a hole in the bottom of it, and stick your dick through the hole. This way, when she goes to get some popcorn, instead she gets your salt covered penis.
I took that skank Tammy to see 'Titanic' and then gave her the Salty Dog!
by CaustiC July 8, 2005
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