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Potassium nitrate (KNO3), a substance used in explosives (usually gunpowder) and fertilizers.

Contrary to popular urban legend, saltpeter has no effect on libido, and too many side effects (high fever, etc.) to be used even if it did.
The army doesn't want to kill our soldiers with saltpeter. They want our enemies to do it.
by red_beard_neo April 14, 2004
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a magical formula that they put in your food in prison and possibly in the military also to curb your ability to pop a boner.
you can't even pop a chubby in basic training caue of the saltpeter
by cobud March 14, 2004
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a substance added to prison meals to prevent the African Americans from raping each other
"With a daily dose of salt peter the inmates lose homosexual interest in each other."
by WingSlinga August 12, 2009
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another name for cum, or man juice
The girl that sucked me off las night was so bad i just had to
spray my salt peter up her nostral
by Jamie June 14, 2006
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