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a strong person who believes in love and will fight until the death for the one they love.
sahai - its like love is the only thing on the mind!
DAMN a modern day romeo and juliet!
their love will last forever!
by thatchickMandy July 25, 2008
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She's a MAJOR bitch , is extremely sensitive , but plays her soul out on any field or court. If you're looking for someone to cry with, Sahai's your gal. If you wanna talk about the latest sports craze, ring up Sahai and she'll listen. But don't tell her about your boyfriend and how cool he is, she'll go full bitch mode and get jealous. And to top of the bitchy, go for him. Yep. That's her. So beware friends.
Sienna : You know that really tall new student?

Cammilah : Yea , that's Sahai. I heard she's a real bitch ! But boy can she play on that court!
by PrincessUnicornSparkles2345 December 10, 2016
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