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A young guy, usually a teenager, who wears his trousers down so low you can see much of his boxers. Often he might identify as a indie punk skater. Gay dudes love him.
"Check out that hottie sagger showing off his tight stomach and silk red boxers for you!"
by Dennis P. July 16, 2006
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Undeniably enormous natural breasts that completely cover a woman's chest and almost rest on her legs when she sits down. They have a foot of cleavage or more with or without a bra and jiggle at the slightest provocation. Are ideal for burying one's entire head between for motorboating during intercourse.

Many people find tits of this magnitude excessive, cartoonish and off-putting, perhaps even disgusting, but there is a growing fetish market for women with mammaries of G cup size and above.

Softcore and hardcore porn depicting these women exist with special attention often being given to those who are capable of lactation, which opens up all sorts of sex play not capable in regular pornography.

Popular porn actresses who have saggers include Miosotis, Milena Velba, Cheron, Samantha 38G, Merilyn Sakova and Sapphire.
Jimmy was hypnotised by the sight of a woman whose massive mammaries were bursting out of her low cut top. Able to maintain his cool, he got her number and eventually got his chance to suck on her lactating saggers whilst having sex, fulfilling a lifelong dream.
by zekepl January 11, 2010
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A style of wearing men's pants, popular amongst young, urban, African-American, Latinos and closeted gay urban thugs. This style of wearing pants was originated in the jail and prison system. Younger men who were habitually raped wore their pants this way to signify their level in the prison caste system. This was done often times reluctantly because prisoners are not allowed to wear a belt, which could be used as a weapon or instrument for suicide. These younger men were usually given larger size pants and the result was pants that hung below the buttocks, showing their underwear. After leaving jail or prison these men still wore their pants in this style either as a fashion statement or to signal other men of their homosexual desires. This style is beginning to show up in black gay porn and is being noticed by suburban white kids who are usually ignorant of the origins of this look.
by educated consumer September 03, 2010
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Breasts that are quite large, yet hang about the elbows or waste. These usually develop as a symptom of age, as most saggers were once firm and supple. Braziers are often utilized to curb the effect of gravity on saggers, but most women in the saggers-age range, no longer care about the appearance or desirability of their breasts. Also note: certain demographics (often those with excessive exposure to sunlight), have a higher susceptibility of developing saggers.
While your mother's breasts are quite large, they do appear to be of the type that will become saggers in only a couple of years.
by Party Crashers September 17, 2010
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When a womans tits are sagging below her elbows and in some cases bouncing off her belly button. Same as Sagged-out. If she were to turn around too fast they might knock someone down. Lots of major stretch marks that look like the San Andreas fault. When she takes a shit she need to tie them up or toss them over her shoulders to keep them out of the Gator water.
Hey Ted, look at Mollys saggers, they are touching her hip hugger jeans and one of them has actually managed to get into her change pocket.. NOT TOO NICE. Quick call Ringling Brothers,, we have a winner here.
by Dr, James Dillrod June 23, 2006
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An adjective or noun. It can mean anything from a saggy chenus. To a paperclip.
My sagger was dangling low to the floor.
by Crispy1028 June 03, 2010
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