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Honestly the sweetest girl ever to imagine. She’s always their for u, even if her problems are bigger. She is always nice, even if people are mean. A merilyn usually has brown hair, I have a merylin and I’m so happy I do. Yes she has up and downs but we all do. You will never forget a merilyn.
Girl 1: omg theres merilyn
Girl 2: isn’t she pretty?!
by A frend July 06, 2018
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a beautiful amazing person that makes everyone feel amazing when they see her. She might not be the best at some things, but she makes up for it with her amazingness. She lights up a room when she walks in and everyone will stop and look at her. Not the conventional spelling, merilyn is not your conventional girl. She is good at things that you're probably not good at, and she know things that you probably don't know. She's the coolest, most popular person you know.
Person 1: Wow look it's merilyn.

Person 2: Wow shes so hot and smart.

Person 1: I know, right?
by ohwowthatsucks December 13, 2018
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