Sage is a GUY! He is so loving and will always be there for you. If you are ever upset sage will always be there to comfort you and will always make sure you are happy. He is the funniest human around and to make things better, Sage is also a hottie!
sage is a hottie! sage is a guy too!
by i love you (liv) October 21, 2018
the hottest most amazing person youll ever meet. they are the definition of beautiful and are unique and perfect in every way. they will go very far in life and everyone knows it too
person 1- omg look at that girl over there, I've never seen anyone more perfect
person 2- that's sage, everyone thinks so too
by assa13 June 23, 2021
An antiquated word meaning a man of deep mind or wisdom, carrying the capacity to give advisement within more typically the management of life or spiritual and self-realizing matters.
Tao Te Ching translated by Charles Muller
"3.4 Therefore, when the sage governs, He clears peoples' minds, Fills their bellies, Weakens their ambition and Strengthens their bones."
by Sword Guy May 19, 2008
A nice sweat, sexy girl or boy. Very outgoing creative and sexually attractive.
"Dude you should date a sage."
by blech123 July 18, 2009
a girl who's sexy and has beautiful features. She probably has beautiful brown eyes or green eyes. She lets her sexy side take over most of the time but, can be a sweet girl anybody would love to be around. If you have this girl don't let her go, she will trufully stay faithful to you. When she finds the man or girl that she loves, it's a real love to feel not some usless just to be with someone type of thing.
look at how beautiful sage is.
damn! sage is sexy as hell.
i love this girl with all my heart.
by amazingsexygurl November 15, 2011
a beautiful boy who can make you smile and who helps you with life problems
wow sage is so beautiful and he makes me smile!
by owowhatsdis January 27, 2019
sexy girl with a hot body has beautiful brown eyes and can make any man melt to her feet. she will fuck you better than object with a vagina. but mostly she is sweet and caring but if you piss her off she will either bitch you out like non other or just straight up punch you in the face.
look at sage shes so sexy i would tap that.
by awesomeamazingsuperhero October 8, 2011