the most amazing friend and sister you could ever ask for. She knows when your sad and how to make you happy again. She is the smartest girl and she does fall in love too easily... she's not judgmental and knows how to keep her mouth shut when its not wanted to be heard. she can be a brat sometimes but in the end you could never lose the best sister In the world
"shes my favorite person ever".

by justsh85 July 13, 2018
a sexy beast who listens to awesome music and evey girl loves him and girls are drooling over him and is sweet but sassy at the same time but overall a hot italian boy
i fricken love sage
by TBS:(:) April 30, 2011
Sage a nice sweet and honest guy. He will try to cherish you as long as possible. If he ever tells you he , he means it. He will always be for you when you need a shoulder to lean on.
sage will be sage
by Pouislife April 9, 2017
underground rapper, associated with t-y killa. not much is known about him other then his music and military background
s4ge t-y killa sage
by Palmer483 October 26, 2013
that one girl that gets passed around by the entire football team. people name sage somehow end up dating the entire school in less then ten months. her coochie is for the entire school and her nudes are probably in every dudes phone. shes the biggest slut known to man and will flirt with anyone thats a male, even while in a current relationship. dont be like sage
"yeah shes a sage she got passed around by the whole school
by fartsmeller9000 November 11, 2022
she is the best person in the worl, she can get any guy she wants and she is the most cutest girl ever and she also has a big penice
OMG THATS A BIG PENICE. that must be sage
by March 25, 2019