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A rare disease caused in during the early weeks after fertilization when there are 3 extra chromosomes present in the zygote. This rare form of chromosomal disorder causes you to suffer from facial deformities, mental retardation, and frequent diarrhea. This is a serious disorder and victims of this disease must be monitored closely to insure their survival. Failing to follow instructions given by the doctor monitoring may cause the victim to die or be in critical condition.
This disorder, along with many others such as down syndrome and turner's syndrome, currently have no cure, babies born with these disorders are very unfortunate. Scientists are currently studying this disorder and trying to come up with a cure for it.
We are all very fortunate to be away from such diseases.

oh my, im afraid you suffer from sagaritis
by the smart person. March 26, 2009
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a condition in which a male is afflicted with a small/inverted penis
I was born with sagaritis
by southie84 August 18, 2016
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