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The study/knowledge that enables one to consciously travel through parallel universes.
Her safeer skills gave her the option to replace herself (with herself) for the parallel dimension of her choice.

Safeer makes her seem as if she is constantly reinventing herself.
by timedimension April 20, 2017
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A Safeer is usually of Pakistani/Arab decent. He is a pretty goodlooking guy and can rock the designer stubble look. He is very athletic however does not show it off. He is more of lover than a fighter.
Damn, look at that Safeer. He owns me in every aspect of life.
by Hempking3245 January 26, 2011
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A guy who smells of chicken and wears odd graphic-tees. He is overall great with a major flaw: he does not floss! He is of an optimistic type.
He smells Safeer
by Distoru July 10, 2018
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A nice guy who is trash at fortnite and addicted to tik tok and gives you and likes to tell people he is 110% niggro and watches an unhealthy amount of memes
Random Nigga: "safeer can i borrow a pencil"
Safeer: "Im 110% niggro you bitch!
Random Nigga :"Ok "
by That Nigga playing on WII April 09, 2019
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A man of faith, blessed with his charming charisma, admirable attitude, athletic physique and a wealth of intellect.
"Oh safeer, meera dil, you are half of my deen and the most interesting and unpredictable man I know."
by ChloeHussinator January 05, 2019
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A drunk boy who thinks that fortnite is everything, watches hentai for a living, and always rejects Amal, the perfect girl for him.
Amal: hey safeer
safeer: what do u want this time, do u want me to shank you
amal: yes and make it nice
safee:*kills amal*
amal {in heaven}: fuck you safeer or should i say SUPPLUS
by THE BIG COCK BOY BOI!!! September 25, 2019
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