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Arabic word for religion, faith.

There are several meanings of Deen. One meaning is honour, government, empire, monarchy and rulership. The second meaning is quite opposite to it, i.e. subordination, obedience, slavery, servitude and subjection. Third meaning is to account, to give judgment, and dispense reward and punishment of actions. The word Deen has been used in the Qur'an in all these three meanings.
"Deen with Allah is al-Islam" and
"And whoso seeketh as Deen other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him."
by Hassbee January 16, 2006
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A combination of down and keen. To be willing to do something.
Justin L: Hey Adam, do you wanna go clubbing?
Adam K: Yee, I'm deen.
by jgloob November 19, 2013
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The female form of Dean short for Deena!
Girl 1: Deen is so awesome
Girl 2: Is Deen hott?
Girl 1: Deen is a girl!
by savvy? January 06, 2004
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-noun: the hair growning around a woman's nipples
Man: "Damn baby, I got your deen stuck in my throat again. When will you shave them titties?"
Woman: "When you get a job, fool!"
by clivefrog February 05, 2010
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a name for someone, a random word to replace nouns , EVERYTHING
1. ur such a deen
2. deenbot
3. deen get ur ass over here
4. DEEN U!
5. deenial
by deen bot November 17, 2004
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basicly its like saying "doing" but so much more baller
"yo man what are you deen? in response " dude i never know what i'm deen. please use and enjoy
by guy glover August 19, 2007
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A greeting; to say hello/goodbye; to take liberties; to be out of order
"That's deens."
"You're deenin' it."
by tuffgenius August 22, 2004
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