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Homer Simpson's Rock band!
When Marge finds herself attracted to offbeat 'Professor August', Homer decides he has had enough of Marge's wandering eye, focusing his emotions on his music, inventing a new sound called 'grunge' and forms a band called 'Sadgasm'.
Sadgasm came and rocked Springfield and the 90's references were blazing.

Hey man, lets go see Sadgasm play tonight!
by Adam11Power February 14, 2008
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Feeling complete, utter sadness with the intensity of an orgasm. Also a band in which Homer Simpson played.
Mike: Hey, John! Guess what?

John: What?

Mike: Your girlfriend dumped you. She’s going out with Henry now.

John: Please excuse me while I have a sadgasm.

John: (Has sadgasm.)
by WrinklyWhitePooForFee April 10, 2019
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A snazzy combination of the words "sad" and "orgasm". An emotion that far surpasses sadness in an explosive way. Like an orgasm; but far from pleasurable.
"I almost had a sadgasm when I got dumped. ): "
by Fynn May 16, 2006
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The unattainable release of sadness through crying hard enough.

Sometimes, when crying, it feels as if the outpour of emotion is right at the edge of something incredible: the righting of the tear-worthy injustice through pure release of emotion. The feeling is parallel to when growing close to a sexual orgasm. There is a feeling of something about to occur.

Unfortunately this sadgasm never happens, leaving even worse feeling than previously experienced. The state of feeling unfulfilled worsens, and emotional duress continues.
I was by myself crying over the breakup when I felt a sadgasm coming. I cried and cried, but never got past that edge of feeling. Even more demoralized than before, the weeping continued.
by stereotypicaldepressedteenager February 07, 2010
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1: an ejaculation achived after meaningless sex lacking that feel good afterglow.

2: a sudden burst of depression.

3: a band from an epsoide of the simpsons.

4: achieving an orgasm while sad or depressed.
When i listen to to much pop music i have a sadgasm.
by Mat May 17, 2008
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Having the pleasure of an orgasm but incredibly and painfully sad.
When you're hitting her from behind and you about to bust a nut and she says "I'm pregnant." and when you nut you think about paying for child support so you begin to cry, thus a sadgasm
by iiGLAZIOii July 15, 2017
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