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"Its like fucking mauling someone with a giant sack, and stuffing them in there making them scared shitless and wish they were never born."

Deffinition 2: "To be put in a bag and proper fucked."
"James is in the mental hospital because some purto ricans sackled him last night."

"Should have seen him, he was proper fucked. Got sackled by a bus full of bible students."

"Police sacklings on african-americans is up 45% due to a surplus of burlap bags."

"We should have sackled mother taresa when we had the chance."
by Digitalfallout January 13, 2005
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Sackle or sackling is the art of tackling people with only your sack out.
Yo! Did you hear about Rob sackle that guy at church?!
by Sacklebaby November 11, 2017
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Not quite a sack of an American football quaterback, but more than a tackle.
Tom Brady, QB for the New England Patriots, got the pass off in time, but was viciously sackled after he released the ball.
by Michael Pausche February 05, 2008
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In American Football, tackling a position player (someone who isn't the quarterback) behind the line of scrimage, incurring a loss of yardage.
Oh! Did you see that? That running back just got sackled.
by UndeadMessenger February 07, 2010
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