A euphemism used to refer to the word "shit".
On moving day, Sean dropped his television on the floor causing it to smash to bits. He also dropped the s-bomb in the process.
by S-bomber May 1, 2009
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S-bomb n A very messy run to the shitter, resulting in splatter that is not necessarily contained within the toilet and/or urinal's boundries.
<A> yo g wtf took you so long
<B> sry man i wuz on the shitter. it was, like, an s-bomb n shit, i had to clean up
<A> o.O
by Stimar February 24, 2003
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When someone tells your small child that Santa isn't real.
Hey, the teacher just dropped the s-bomb on my first grader!
by Multifoliate December 22, 2009
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A slush/slurpee/froster/frozen carbonated beverage/ etc from a convenience store.
Fuck I'm hung over, you wanna stop at Sev and get an S Bomb?
by The Pornshyster Blake Ellestud September 21, 2006
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After engaging in intercourse with a female, removing the condom and throwing it at her, causing the condom to explode in a mortar-like fashion.
1) That was one big S-bomb.......nasty.
by The Escalade crew September 20, 2006
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When you piss and diahrea in a water ballon, then throw at someone.
I got hit with an S-Bomb!
by El Calvin December 5, 2004
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