“Said Mrs. Carmichael to her 17-year-old daughter, ‘if you are going to pleasure yourself dear, be sure to use the edible end of the carrot, not the rutledge’”.
by Jackson Hammer January 20, 2020
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To pretend your absolutely wasted, more than any one else, and attract as much attention to yourself even if you have only had a couple of beers.
by Graham1993 November 18, 2009
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(Verb) To pull just enough of a penis out of one’s mouth to apologize for an offense. Variation on the “Milton Berle” (pulling just enough of one’s penis out to show that it’s larger than another, but no more)

Named after Rutledge, PA, where local legend holds that one of the town’s namesakes regularly offered oral sex to avoid punishment from law enforcement.
Dan’s going to have to Rutledge me for forgetting his manners.”
by LukesLeagueChamp November 26, 2019
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A piece of shit town in Tennessee. Also a general term used for being in a rut in one's life.
I can't finish the book bro, I'm in fucking Rutledge
by Darkwonofthehollow November 14, 2011
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a white inhabitant in the area of pittsford, very rich, douch bag, is a necro-fecal-pedi-feliac. commonly mistaken for a piece of shit. often askes for food.
that thing at the lunch table over there, who isnt loved, but is still asking for food, is a rutledge.
by azg July 17, 2008
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When you happen onto a dirt road in Rutledge, GA, and you happen to be menstruating but wanting to have sex. To turn on your partner, you take your tampon out in front of him, lick it seductively, and then throw it over a bridge. Usually after this happens, you'll notice if your partner is completely grossed out or totally horny from your little show. If he happens to be horny, you jump on his dick and give him the best fuck of his life. If grossed out, then obviously your partner is lame, and you are just shit out of luck. Sorry.

Keep It Classy.
After we Rutledge Dirtroaded, his dick was so bloody, and he loved it.
by missclassyyy123 August 16, 2010
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