The act of having you're ass licked and getting a handjob at the same time
That girl sure plays a mean rusty trombone
by tisom July 06, 2014
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when you fuck a girl in the ass and then jizz but keep on fucking her when you pull out your dick it looks like a rusty trombone.
i did a rusty trombone last night
by lkjhhjkl January 02, 2010
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giving a girl anal and her anus starts bleeding while you're queefing
i had to wash myself after giving her a rusty trombone
by pft jordan July 22, 2006
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When your girl licks your asshole while she reaches around and jerks you off. Looks like she's playing the trombone.
I was standing in the shower and my girl gave me a rusty trombone
by Freezerguy December 04, 2013
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When engaged in anal sex you take your dick out and it has shit on it. Your partner then starts to suck your dick and makes you say something due to pleasure.
She just didn't suck my dick she gave me a rusty trombone.
by spazzy690 March 07, 2011
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a complicated sexual maneuver where the woman is on her knees while the male is standing up. the woman is behind the man licking his butthole while reaching her arms under his legs and consecutively jerking him off.
The rusty trombone sure felt good last night.
by #vaginemerker69 December 02, 2017
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when a living organism administers raging anal domination through the tongue, or the closest cousin to the tongue, while simultaniously and strategically administering a jerkdown on a penis of the anal domination recipient. side effects include clearing of the testicles, and a squeaky clean delicious ass.
That is a nice monkey you have there. I hear he plays a mean rusty trombone. how much?
by Hilznack September 23, 2005
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