6 definitions by tisom

The act of having you're ass licked and getting a handjob at the same time
That girl sure plays a mean rusty trombone
by tisom July 6, 2014
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When a female has multiple buns on top of her head to hold onto while giving a blowjob.
That girl was giving me a skully when I held onto her head handles. Head handles are great to hold onto while getting head.
by tisom July 23, 2019
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A very large ghetto Amazon girl who wears fake hair and thinks she is the shit
Her big ass must be named Shaquanda, with all that weave on her head. Better bring your wallet if your taking Shaquanda out that bitch can eat and she will want her hair done.
by tisom July 6, 2014
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To shit and puke or hurl at the same time
Man I was so sick last night, I was shurling. What a mess I shurled every where.
by tisom June 27, 2014
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Other wise known as a knob job. When a bitch gives a blowjob while rapidly moving her head back and forth.
This bitch in a wheel could not move any other part of her body so she gave me a skully. She was the perfect height to give me a sloppy skully
by tisom May 29, 2019
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The act of a female laughing loud or having a loud orgasm
Wow Lucy laughs loud whoooooo but it sounds just like she is getting fucked
by tisom May 30, 2019
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