To get rimmed whilst recieving a hearty reach round, thus resembling a trombone player in full chorus.
Phoebe's rendition on my rusty trombone last night, was so moving, it bought a tear to my eye.
by Andy Rush January 20, 2003
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Lickin' asshole and jackin' someone off from the back....
Why ya lips all shitty lookin' have you been givin' somebody the rusty trombone?? ?
by Me November 25, 2003
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Masturbation while recieving anilingus. The reach around being the trombone.
A Rusty Trombone, is while having his ass ate out his partner gives him a reach around and masturbates him. He has never had a rusty+trombone done to him.
by Brndmg July 16, 2006
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When a female is stroking your meat wagon while tending to you arse with her tounge.
Will you give me a rusty trombone before we go out to dinner tonight?
by ToddHansen April 04, 2006
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when a male or woman (preferably woman) is licking a mans ass and then reaches around and gives him a hand job
last night millie gave me a rusty trombone
by bigrich September 20, 2003
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This stunt can be done by either two guys or a male and female. this is how it works. lets take the two guys for example, one will get on his knee's and will be facing the guys ass while he stands ( note: must be naked for stunt to work ) . the one on his knees begins to give the one in front a reach around.( just like using a trombone ) but trombone's are used by not only your hands but your mouth. so this is where the "rusty" part takes affect. the one on his kness will begin licking/eating out the ass infront of him. there you have it folks, the rusty trombone!
- The Rusty Trombone sceene was cut from the movie brokeback mountain because its a high paying manuver.

- " sick dude! i just heard that guy over there talking about giving his boyfriend a rusty trombone ! "

- * Don't do this unless your paid LOTS of money ( more that what Bill Gates has) or your so drunk and the world is going to end the next day and you have nothing else to do *
by Kevin L. June 12, 2006
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sexual action in which a mans asshole is rimmed while he is receiving a reach around..
That bitch was nasty, she gave me a rusty trombone right after i gave her a dirty sanchez...
by beneal78 May 03, 2006
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