The vagina of a girl who has not had sexual intercourse in a considerable amount of time. Like a bike that sits around in the sun without regular use, a vagina becomes "rusty."
Sally: "I've been working so much lately, I just haven't had time to focus on my personal life."

Davey: "Well I'd be happy to stick around late with you and fix that rusty bucket"
by Tobias F March 22, 2008
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When you poop in a bucket, then put the bucket on someones head.
"whoa dude, jon lee passed out, lets give him a rusty bucket."
by dennis schaeffer May 8, 2010
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A shot of the worst brand of tequila the bar has. Usually given to enemies, d-bags or just your idiot friend.

One usually proposes a shot and orders one rusty bucket and one good shot that looks like a rusty bucket (usually whiskey/vodka depending on color of tequila) so the other party is none the wiser.

After a set amount of time passes said target usually forgets so you can purchase another rusty bucket and propose it as an apology and punk them yet again.
Example 1:
Person 1: See that douchey bro by the bar
Person 2: Yea? Should we mess with him?
Person 1: Yeah, Go buy him a rusty bucket. That'll have him puking his brains outs
(Aforementioned Bro will be to douchey to realize what has transpired)

Example 2:
Idiot Friend: Ughh man wtf was that?
You: You just drank a rusty bucket dumbass!
by UrbanTequila September 2, 2015
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When a guy fucks a girl while she is on her period, than uses her kooter blood as lube while he butt fucks her right after!...When the blood dries on her ass hole afterward it's supposed to look like a rusty bucket.
Guy 1- So you gonna toss your girls salad tonight?

Guy 2- Probably not man... Shes on the "big dot".

Guy 1- So, just give her the old rusty bucket. It's so sickass!

Guy 2- Thanks for the idea... ima have to do that!
by Wood9412 February 14, 2009
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Ginger pubic hair on a redhead result in her having a rusty bucket
"Damn that redhead is hot!"

"Yeah mate i'd love to see her rusty bucket, i bet it's smokin!"
by Ste Crayston March 12, 2007
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An old thot, usually a male.
I wouldn't date sally because she is a rusty bucket
by Ahesthetic January 31, 2017
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when you fill a 5 gallon drum with a handle of everclear and a bunch of every flavor of four loko; creating a rusty bucket looking juice, and rusty bucket taste.
why did we drink that rusty bucket last night, i hooked up with the fattest chick, puked on the hottest chick, shit the bed, and dont remember any of it. actually i guess it was a pretty good night.
by bong walter sr. August 18, 2011
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