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STRAIGHT VODKA what they drink instead of water.
I went to Russia, asked for a glass of water, and got fucked up off that russian water.
by I'm drunk right now July 06, 2005
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A double-entendre nickname for vodka. Its name comes from the word "voda" (Вода), which means "water," due to its clear appearance. Russians are also frequently stereotyped as drinking vodka as if it were water.
I asked my roommate to buy some Russian water while he was out, and he returned with a bottle of vodka.
by Vladimir Vodka June 07, 2010
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The object of the game is to hold water in your mouth the longest. It is necessary to have multiple players. Player 1 takes the first sip of H20 and then lays down. Player two then takes a sip and lays down directly next to the person. In order to make your opponent spit the water out, you must make them laugh. They can do one of two things,

A: Spit the water everywhere
or B: Hold the water in their mouth, causing them to choke, Dangerously.
HINT, if the player is determined to win, and they keep choking, eventually they will throw up.

It is called Russian water because:
Russian as in Russian roulette

THIS is potentially lethal if played enough times. Commonly mistaked as VODKA.
I got yelled at by my mother and my best friend thought that some Russian Water would cheer me up.
by Secret Agent #2 February 25, 2010
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