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Short for Kalashnikov, after the the Avtomat Kalashnikov of 1947, the greatest rifle of our time, our fathers time, and his father's time, feared and respected by the world, were even the snideness of America cannot find grounds of insult to this death-bringer.
Designed in Russia between '44 and '46 by Michail Kalashnikov, by his make, and NO OTHER, this rifle is cannot be broken, jammed, or overheated, and to my knowledge, can fire underwater. It's only known flaw is its frugal specifics, corrected readily by the profoundly accurate AK 103/104, which are lighter than the much less powerful m16 by half an ounce.
-Fill it with mud, fill it with sand, drown it, freeze it, fire 400 rounds. Clean it with a fucking shoelace. The only thing that jams a Kalash is bloodcake in the barrel.

-I got my Klash, my CZ and my MR.22
by coal87 October 06, 2010
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