16 definitions by Razorclaw the crab

If it exists, someone is masturbating to it or once has masturbated to it

This applies to individual videos, concepts, etc

Video of a bird choking on a cigarette bud: Exists
Some horny man: *Whips it out*
by Razorclaw the crab April 2, 2021
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/n/ A baby born on or near a day with a annual discount.
List of days a discount baby may occur:
Beginning of September
End of December
And the beginning of every month.
by Razorclaw the crab April 22, 2020
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The day that you have a hangover from killing camp-going teens while wearing a hockey mask the night before.
Guy 1: ...Ugh... I have a massive hangover from something...

Guy 2: Yes. It is Saturday the 14th. You have been killing random people with a fireaxe and a hockey mask.

Guy 1: That makes sense.

Guy 2: *Throwing up blood and gore.*

Guy 1: So this is how Saturday the 14th happened.
by Razorclaw the crab January 26, 2019
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A movement, similar to BLM, which has the premise of "All Gamers Are Incels". This references how common-place it is for hard-core gamers to usually have bad perception in trying their chances at dating functioning members of society (which in most cases, the ones they are looking for are female).
AGAI's reach doesn't mean all gamers, just the ones who call themselves gamers. The best gamer out there is Markiplier for being an ally for the LGBT community.
by Razorclaw the crab October 30, 2020
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Lonely day

A day in which a male, or female has not got a reply from someone all day, the ones who they want to reply can range from normal people to people they like.

How to find a lonely day
When someone who usually does not respond, it is not a lonely day
When it is someone who always responds and replies just barely does, and or does not at all, it is a lonely day.
Person 1: Man, today is such a lonely day, you feel?
Person 2:
Person 1: Yep...
by Razorclaw the crab December 23, 2018
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Acronym for "Laughing my fucking ass off I killed my husband in my wedding dress when we lived together in Tampa, Florida in the year nineteen seventy three and the authorities have not caught on to me yet
by Razorclaw the crab May 12, 2022
A game commonly played by one person, usually an emo person. In this game, someone goes into a closet, and waits until they reach an out of body experience. A 3rd step could be added where you summon a demon.
Person 1: Dude I played 7 minutes in the spirit realm. It was not easy.
Person 2: It's easier with weed.
by Razorclaw the crab May 29, 2019
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