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Abb. of rupinder, sanksrit for beautiful godess.
Yo Rupi! Fuq that shit, let's go get espressos
by yoyoyoyourmama July 26, 2006
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Rupi is the name of old money , very powerful families have this as a surname. From the ancient times, "Rupi" was meant to be "power of God"
Rupi Family
by tedirupi November 17, 2010
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Definition 1- A dog's name.

Definition 2- Pussy spelled backwards then rearranged into syrup then syrup spelled backwards and rearranged into rupis. Slang for pussy.
"I need to take rupis for a walk"

"I need to go for a rupis run"
by tokyoaftermath November 22, 2009
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