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Jaida is a name that means shy, crazy, sometimes dramatic, mysterious, trustworthy, weird, loud, beautiful, and intelligent. She works hard for what she wants. This person somehow ends up with the unthinkable nicknames and never fails to archive her goals in life.
Jaida- has the most unthinkable nicknames
by Anonymous 332 May 10, 2015
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Jaida is a girl who is nice, absolutely stunnning, sometimes insecure, caring and supportive. She rarely breaks a promise and is very trustworthy. She usually has a lot of emotions but manages to keep them hidden. She won’t open up to you unless she is sure that she can trust u. Dating a Jaida is amazing. Once u hold her hand you never want to let go. If u mess with u she will tear u up but she is a very amazing person.💜
:I’m so glad I’m friends with a Jaida
by Jaida b November 12, 2017
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An amazing girl, known to be crazy and rambunctious. Only the best of the best can afford a Jaida, since they are so powerful.
Guy: Hey! That's a Jaida.

Girl: I wish I was a Jaida

Guy: Too bad!
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She is a girl who is wise,smart,cute,and funny. Usually she is very competitive ,and She never cares what people say about her behind her back. She is good fighter. She is a nerd at times but has a lot of friends. She is also awesome in bed.
Damn I wish I had a Jaida...
by Therealog1031 April 04, 2017
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Jaida is a girl out of a movie. Don’t let her bad Reputation fool you. You think you know her until you actually hangout with her and you’re pleasantly surprised. If you know a Jaida you are lucky. Don’t take Jaida for granted. She has a great body! As well as a beautiful mind and deep soul. Jaida cares about everyone no matter what they’ve done to her. Jaida is very flirty and falls in love very easily because she has a very different outlook on life as opposed to any other girl. She wishes she grew up in an earlier era because Jaida hates her generation. If you’re a girl wanting to be Jaida’s friend make sure you’re not just worried about gossip and try to have fun! If you’re a guy looking to be Jaida’s boyfriend be extra flirty and myserious. And if you’re lucky enough to date a Jaida treat her well and keep her!! Always remember that Jaida’s are sensitive and then never get mad, they just get sad. Jaida is so chill and super down to earth and real. Jaida gets along with all types of people.
Girl: “Jaida’s such a bitch”

Guy: “have you ever hung out with her?”
Girl: “no”
Girl 2: “Jaida is so nice I was just with her!!”

Guy 2: “yeah she’s so chill I really want to fuck Jaida”
by lyl88 May 28, 2018
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