Runescape is a very addictive MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It has become quite popular and has millions of players that play each day. HOWEVER, be smart - don't start.

I used to be addicted, got to level 90-something, played for about 4-5 years and then just stopped. I wasted so much time. Don't start playing unless you want to have NO social life at all. Play a FPS instead like Counter Strike or America's Army or something, because they're not as addictive.
Kid1: Hey let's hang out!
Kid2: Nah i'm trying to get my mining to level 60. I need to mine 4000 more coal until I level. Then I can get in the mining guild!!!!
Kid1: Whatever loser.
Kid2: Please come back! It's not my fault i'm addicted!
-no answer-
Kid2: Ok, I quit runescape!
-6 months pass and Kid2 has all kinds of friends-
I'm so glad I quit runescape!

Based on a true story! xDDDD
by Post-addicted RS player June 07, 2007
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A massive multiplayer online adventure game (MMORPG) by Jagex Ltd. This game seems welcoming, and fun at first, so many things you want to explore. But I give you a fair warning, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!! Once you begin, you will not stop! It must use subliminal messaging, because there is no way this game could be as addictive as it is without subliminal messaging! Once you begin playing, you will put on weight, notice a drop in grades, and find yourself thinking about it constantly, some people have addictions so bad that they actually cry whne they have lost something in the game, and one day, you will look back, and kick yourself in the head for not spending your time doing something productive! PLEASE KEEP OFF RUNESCAPE!!!!!!
Two years of my life have been wasted on Runescape!

If crack was a video game, you could call it Runescape!

by Runescape is bad! August 26, 2006
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Warning: This game sucks.Seriously, if you want to throw your life down the drain, there are better ways. Like heroin. You play it once, think "OK, this game has shit ass graphics, horrible gameplay, the worst lag I have ever seen in my entire life, but there's lots of things to do." So you continue playing it, until you become completely obsessed. So obsessed, some people bring ther labtops to school to play runescape at lunch and spares, stay up until three in the morning playing runescape in their closets and actually pay money to play. If you play Runescape, stop now. There are better things to life.

Defintion: A game developped by Jagex, affectionately refferred to as "Fagex". The game itself is a jumble of terrible graphics, awful gameplay and the most repetetive skill system I have ever seen. All you do is click on things! But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. The community is the worst I've ever seen, and that includes MapleStory. Let me paint you a picture.

Typical Runescape screen messages
dragonslayer67: pAYING 6000 GPS FOR CEX!
Iamcoolknight: THAT WAS MY $#%$IN COAL NOOB!
pwnerguy11: Lol u only lvl 10
pwnerguy11: Lol you $%# I pwn you
Pwnerguy11 K You noob!
dragonslayer67: plz b my gf. give gps
girliemage78 (who's really a guy)K
dragonslayer67: (gives GP) K now gimme cex plz
(girliemage78 runs away)

As you can see, the scene is disturbing to say the least. Everyone is either spazzy 10 year olds, 50 year old perverts or horny teenagers who can't get it in real life so have Runescape "cex". Even the nicest person will have a ton of people either in game sexually assaulting them or calling them noobs. Not so pleasent.

If that doesn't kill it for you, this will. Tim* was an athletic, fun to be around guy when me and my friends started playing this game. We all quickly moved on to more fun, less addicting MMO's. Not Tim though. Tim became sucked into the game. At first it wasn't too bad. He still had a girlfriend, was on the soccer and basketball team and hung out with us. This began to change. First, he stopped hanging out, going to movies etc. Then he dumped his girlfriend for the sole reason "She took up too much time." He dropped out of school teams for the same reasons. All Tm would talk about is his Runescape character, his smithing level and his "Runescape GF" who we eventually found out was a guy. (I know, gross.) He stopped eating, to the point where he would eat maybe a meal a day up in his room. He stopped washing himself, and the acne that developped was horrendous. He stayed home from school to play. Tim's parents eventually found out what was happening and took away his computer. Tim told us he wanted to kill them. He stole a labtop to fuel his addiction. Tim lost 50 pounds. A good looking guy was now completely hideous. He failed seven subjects on his report card. Eventually, his parents found out about the stolen labtop. They were furious. Tim was kept in his room for two weeks, under supervision to make sure he hadn't smuggled in a labtop. He tried to escape three times. Eventually, we managed to coax him into going cold turkey. Tim was lucky: he only threw away four monthes of his life. He has returned to normal now, and is an Honour roll student and captain of the Soccer team. But there are other people that haven't. Don't start.

*Names have been changed
Runescape is the worst MMO I have ever played.

Runescape is mopre addictive than crack cocaine
by Dont try it March 26, 2007
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A noobish game that teens play.. they fight and get swords and other random things.. In order to pass the tutorial you need to cook shrimp and do other stuff..

It's addictive
Girl: Hey uhm.. You wanna go out later?
Boy: Can't Im trying to get onto Level 87 on Runescape..
Girl: That game is so gay..
Boy: You said Runescape was gay? I HATE YOU! I never wanna see you again!

Person 1: ..I just went on Runescape >.<
Person 2: Fuck me, even Habbo is better than Runescape!
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
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don't play this horrible addicting game it might devour ur soul and if ur over 18 quit immidiatly if u have a bf or gf also quit because because the game might get in your way and prevent u from spending time with them
runescape player:i live in my moms basement random person: what do you do in there? runscape player: play runscape random person: is that why u live in your mom's basement runscape player: yep and im also 35 and lost my wife,kids,and family members and friends from not helping them,instead plays runescape 24/7 random person:wow
by quitrunescape August 19, 2008
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Ok where do i start...
Well all i have to say about this fucking game is that it will steal your soul and rape it. Its full of 30 year old nerds living in their mom's basement. This god damn game stole about 4 months out of my life! I EVEN WANTED TO STOP PLAYING THIS GAME AND GO OUTSIDE BUT I JUST WOULD FREAKING MOVE!!! FUCK!!! Im telling you watever you do DONT PLAY THIS FUCKING GAME! You will turn into a loser and you just wont do anthing. My god. because of this game, i procrastined my freakin homework off to midnight cause of this damn game and STAYED UP TO 4 IN THE MORNING FOR A WEEK! (This happened twice cause of this fuckin game) This game may be addicting, but think about it, everyone who plays this is a nerd, your soul will be stolen and raped, your grades will plummet, you will have no life, and you will become a nerd and a loser. This happened to me (except becomin a nerd and loser). TAKE MY ADVICE! DESTROY YOUR ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE ONE AND NEVER THINK ABOUT RUNESCAPE AGAIN!! You will want to shoot yourself because of what runecape does to you.
runescape addict: yo i just gained 50 lvls and my charcter is amazing now! all rite!!!
absolute silence.... Theres no one in his mom's basement to hear him and everyone hates him anyways cause he's a nerd and a loser. No one would listen to him anyways.
The next day this guy kills himself because runescape has destroyed all his dreams of becoming something great. All colleges that he applied to bitch slapped him and told him to get a life. After this, he had no choice but to end his life because he had no life to begin with.....
by suckering suckitash May 01, 2006
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