1.Used to define an unintelligent being.
a.Someone stupid;dense.
2.A pet name.
a. for a person.
b. for a animal.
"Stoopy, bad girl! You wet the Rugg again!."
by Nicole Rugg. April 05, 2005
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1. adj. ridiculously drunk
2. adj. stupid or ignorant

Alternative form: $+00py
1. "We iz gonna get so stoopy tonight!"
2. "Dat bitch iz so stoopy!"
by Lets get $+00py October 25, 2010
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1) The people who you hang out with on your stoop

2) The mentally numbing, soporific side effect of smoking too much marijuana. Much like 'munchies'.
A: "Yo boss, why are you looking so down?"
B: "One of my stoopies had a bad case of the stoopies yesterday from his sack lunch. No more sack lunch for that stoopie or he is most definitely off the stoop for a minute. Sort of like a time out. It might be two minutes, we don't know yet."
A: "PAEday*, yo."
B: "Alas."

(*Pimpin' Ain't Easy)
by snapboom August 08, 2011
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the combination of the words stupid and poopies. Can be replaced by either/or.
She looks stoopies.
Don't be stoopies.
I have to go stoopies.
You've got some stoopies on you.
by Jackinless July 09, 2006
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When something sucks so bad that you can't even pronounce stupid.

adjectives: Stoopier, Stoopiest
That, is the most STOOPY idea, that i've ever HEARD!
via giphy
by The doorknob man February 10, 2018
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