1. adj. ridiculously drunk
2. adj. stupid or ignorant

Alternative form: $+00py
1. "We iz gonna get so stoopy tonight!"
2. "Dat bitch iz so stoopy!"
by Lets get $+00py October 25, 2010
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shortened version of stupid, used most often by 6 year olds
stfu stoopi head
by vladimir taltos December 8, 2003
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A nicer way of approach the fact that someone is being stupid. Generally guys/girls use them term to soften the blow
Girl: Where have you been at all night?

Guy: Out with the guys grabbing a few drinks.

Girl: Oh so you weren't out with that blonde broad?

Guy: Don't be a stoopie, I was only out with the guys.
by Rawk$tar February 3, 2010
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(adj.) synonym for stupid, but spelled wrong ironically to emphasize how stoopie someone is.
*someone does something stoopie*

"wow that was really stoopie... ur so stoopie."
by stoopiehoe January 21, 2019
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1.Used to define an unintelligent being.
a.Someone stupid;dense.
2.A pet name.
a. for a person.
b. for a animal.
"Stoopy, bad girl! You wet the Rugg again!."
by Nicole Rugg. April 5, 2005
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by @stoopy February 20, 2022
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