1: Mojo.
2: Your backside.
3: a rattle possibly made from a bb filled coconut - a percussion instrument: highly decorated in Chalmation (New Orleans- St. Bernard Parish style voodoo) Folk Art made by Storyville Stompers percussionist Ray Lambert.
I got my rugalator workin... gonna gimme a chance on you...
Rugalator workin on you... - Jimmy Smith

by Luke D. Lorenz February 13, 2006
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Rugal Bernstein is a fictional character from the King of Fighters Series, appearing as a boss in '94 and '95 installments. He also makes appearances as a boss in the "dream match" games. He has the belief that he is a human god. Before the story begins, his eye was destroyed by one of the Heavenly Kings of Orochi: Leopold Goenitz. Out of respect for surviving his assault, Goenitz gives him a fraction of his power to see if he would be a qualified herald for it and sends two other Hakkeshu: Vice and Mature to watch him. After organizing KOF'94 and '95, Defeated by the Japan Team in both games he canonically appears in, the Orochi power he was given swallowed him whole and he hasn't appeared in the story since. It is said that he wanted to represent the power of Nothingness and Matter.(This is how Orochi appears physically in the game in the physical realm). He is survived by his 2 children: Adelheid and Rose who appear first in KOF 2003.

Even though, his AI as a boss has a cheap nature, the character has plenty of fans for his ruthless demeanor and yet classy look.

Some of his special moves include: Genocide Cutter, Kaiser Wave, Total Annihilation, G-End and Kaiser Phoenix
Oh great, I'm going against Rugal in the final stage..this will take a while.
by Ronny B. November 13, 2009
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A cheap middle aged tap dancing arms dealer suffering from a middle age crisis who's soul purpose in life is to take revenge on kyo for kicking his ass.
dont pick Rugal, He's fucking CHEAP!
by wave September 20, 2003
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A very very vet very very very cheap fighter from KOF.
Rugal bad Im gonna go huddle in a corner now
by Sir December 11, 2003
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