2 definitions by Luke D. Lorenz

1: Mojo.
2: Your backside.
3: a rattle possibly made from a bb filled coconut - a percussion instrument: highly decorated in Chalmation (New Orleans- St. Bernard Parish style voodoo) Folk Art made by Storyville Stompers percussionist Ray Lambert.
I got my rugalator workin... gonna gimme a chance on you...
Rugalator workin on you... - Jimmy Smith

by Luke D. Lorenz February 13, 2006
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A. A phrase made famous by Star Wars episode, The Empire Strikes Back. It is the pivotal plot twist in the movie and is usually misquoted in a feigned Darth Vader voice as “Luke, I am your father,” whenever someone named Luke introduces himself to a Star Wars fan. Star Wars purists maintain the full quote is actually “No, I am your father.”
B. A phrase that someone named Luke growing up in the 1980’s would hear at least twice a month by random people who always make a ridiculous attempt to simulate James Earl Jones’ voice. They usually follow up by saying “I bet you never heard that before!”
Luke: "Hi my name is Luke."
Random Person putting hands up to mouth and breathing: "qwrrrr, qwrrrr, LuuuUUUuuuke I am your father! - Ha! betcha never heard that before!"
by Luke D. Lorenz January 13, 2006
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