A Chalmation describes those one of a kind types of people from St. Bernard Parish aka “Da Parish”. We seldom pronounce our “r’s” and always ask “how’s ya mom-n-em doin’?!?!” You eithah from up da road or down da road!! If ya nevah been ta Rocky’s for da veal pawm ya missin’ out. And to touch on the previous definition: where da hell did dat jerkoff come up with Chalmations being nomads?!?! Down heah in Chalmette you won’t find guys anywhere else with a better a tapered fade and a year round perfect tan. As for the ladies the thick highlights and a haircut that screams “Can I speak to the manager?!?!”. It’s home and those same people would punch you and immediately help you.


-Actual Chalmation born and raised 1984
No one in Chalmette ever uses the word Chalmation to refer to themselves.
by ParishRoad July 16, 2018
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An individual that belongs to one of many small communities throughout the U.S.. Originally found only in the "Parish", these nomads can be recognized by using such terms as "scattered gravy", "how's ya momma and dem", "up da road", and "make groceries".
The chalmations are going down da road to make groceries.
by chalmette_baby May 22, 2006
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