She is a woman of few words. But when she speaks the world listens. She as a pure heart. She is as unique as her name. Everyone needs an Adelheid in their life.

Black Beauty
Everyone needs an Adelheid in their life
by Black Beauty 23 May 31, 2018
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She is a keeper, a person you always can trust. She will never tell a secret. She is not too loud, but a really good listener. The glimt in her eye is to die for. Everybody want to be the person who make her smile, cause her smile is so beautiful. She is beautiful, funny, happy and really nice. (If she likes you) If you get a chanse to date or be a friend with this girl, you are probaly one of the luckiest persons on the entire world.
Emily: "She is the most awesome person I have met!!"

Ariana: "I know, she is an Adelheid"
by Awesomebabe123 February 26, 2017
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