ruff sex last night with two people
travis and tommy had ruff sex last night
by what the fuck May 5, 2006
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The phonetic pronunciation of Poland’s Wroclaw. Such a rough time, you had to say it twice.
An Austrian, an American, and a Polish guy meet up in Wroclaw. Ten wodka shots later, they had a ruff ruff morning.

“Damn, we got on the wrong Uber and we have 4 minutes to make the train..”

“Dude, that’s so ruff-ruff
by ThirstyWursty July 7, 2019
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the generic name for a date rape drug
Hey i slipped Anna ruffies this weekend.
by blackdahlia February 20, 2004
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Required Ugly Fat Friend- All women have one. It's the friend they stand next to to make them look pretty
Man did you see that girl's ruff? be a good wingman and jump on that grenade
by Voltai September 9, 2007
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Russian killing cocktail: mixture of vodka and beer.
Yorsh - in russian.
Let us make a ruff for you!
by ShtormE September 4, 2007
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A bocce throw, when the ball is thrown overhand as hard as possible to know the other teams ball away from the palino. The name Ruffe stems from the generic date rape drug name, and with both the date rape drug, and this throw, the main purpose is to knock out the target.
"Go for a Ruffe so they dont score their ninth point and win this round."
by Bocceman September 26, 2009
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To Sleep In A Public Place, Usually With Others.
"Yeah Man, I'm Bare Ruffin It On Saturday With John And Shit"

"Hey Mate, You Wanna Ruff It With Us Tonight?"
by Robziamsexy October 16, 2006
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