A stroke in tennis where a player strikes the ball by swinging one hand over another and smashing the ball down. this term originated in 1903 but was mistakenly translated by scholars into "overhead". This incorrect termanlogy is still widely used in the world of tennis while the true term is actually "overhand".
Pete Sampras is widely known for his crushing overhands.

I hit an overhand so hard it was flaming.
by blue flame (flaming five) June 24, 2009
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A tricky technique of male masturbation, performed when the flogger uses a palm-down hand position whereby the index finger is closest to the shaft base, as opposed to the classic underhand where the pinky is closest.
I had the house to myself last night, so I took my time on the internet: right hand, left hand, then finished off with a torrid spree of European Overhand.
by EloyWayne January 26, 2012
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Throwing it overhand is a masturbating grip where the thumb is closest to the base and the palm of the hand is on top. This grip was derived from a common way to throw dice.
I got so bored of the normal grip I decided it was time to start throwing it over hand, and i have never been back.

If masturbating grips were sex positions: The normal one to throwing it overhand is like missionary to doggy style.

Once you go overhand you never go back.
by Alex The BIg Dick April 25, 2008
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When you find a girl passed out, typically at a house party, you lay down next to her and put her hand around your penis. Then you put your hand over hers and proceed with a stroking motion. After you finish take her hand and wipe up the jizz. Then close that hand into a fist so she wakes up with a nice sticker surprise. She will wake up and say "Ninja, Please!"
Bitch passed out so I got me a Cincinnati Overhand from her!
by Otto-Taw February 26, 2016
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Jerking off using an overhand motion so as to make it seem like a stranger is doing the deed.
Dude, do the Overhand Eagle. Its like getting a hand job from a stranger.
by Chris February 25, 2005
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The double pump is a technique where you cock your rifle using both hands with a large stroking motion resulting in a much larger blast when you fire off.
Lance perfected the Texas Overhand Double Pump in the 6th grade. Damn, does that guy have stamina.
by I got a big Nick June 14, 2018
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The same as the front crawl, but it refers to the freestyle version(not professional). It is a bootleg way of saying it. People who don’t professionally swim usually use this word. It’s common among old timers.
Bob: Hey Cathy! Have you been practicing your overhand swimming?

Cathy: Yeah! Sure have!
by Imarealboy69 November 12, 2018
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