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Ruehl (also known as Ruehl 925) is the most recent venture of Abercrombie and Fitch, the American retailer. As of July 2005, the concept consisted of five U.S. locations, with plans to expand to 300 locations. Ruehl stores sell merchandise at prices 25-35% higher than the company's other concepts, and target a more affluent consumer in a higher age group. The stores themselves follow the unbranded-brand approach of the company's Hollister concept; signage is limited, the locations are not overtly branded, and interior spaces are dark and complex (ref. Style, New York Times). Market analysts view Abercrombie and Fitch's Ruehl launch as part of a companywide strategy to retain market share. According to A&F press releases, with Hollister designate for the 14-18 year old audience, and Abercrombie targeted for 18-22 year olds, the company had no prior concept to service the 22-30 market. Ruehl is designed primarily to keep consumers after they outgrow one concept, and to attract a new client base not enticed by Hollister and A&F items. Analysts also note that at around 80 points a share and with a 27 point low in October 2004, the company's stock price might be artificially high, and prone to collapse if it cannot meet growth projections. Regarding Ruehl's marketing, advertising has been limited, relying mainly on word-of-mouth and targeted openings. It is worth noting that the brand is entirely fictional. Several retail concepts provide a company timeline or informal history to establish an emotional link to consumers; Abercrombie and Fitch was originally a sporting goods supplier in New York, and when their name was purchased to create the apparel concept, a suitable image was crafted from the wreckage of the defunct store. Williams-Sonoma, also, uses heavy referencing of its founder to convey history and stability. With Ruehl, such methods are employed; however, these footnotes are corporate mythology. There is no record of the Ruehl family business in New York, and even the address, 925 Greenwich Street, is an invention (Greenwich Street ends in the mid-800s.) Analysts have speculated that these oversights may backfire, disillusioning consumers, but the company has a very good prognosis for growth and well-researched clients are rare.
A Ruehl opened up on Madison Avenue, and I went to buy a new pair of jeans, though I can't figure out how to pronounce their name.

(Being a proper noun, there's really no need for a Ruehl example.)
by EllenUBS July 08, 2005
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A new store from Abercrombie, that at the time of this posting only a few people actually know exists, that is targeting 22-30 year olds.
I can't wait for Abercrombie's new store to open, it's called Ruehl.
by M Dizzle and E-Rich of Troy December 27, 2004
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RUEHL No. 925 is an Abercrombie brand aimed at young adults. The brand's story claims that the Ruehl family from Germany immigrated to America and started a clothing company. The "no. 925" is supposedly the apartment number of the original store in the the original Greenwich.
The brand has tried to make an atmosphere unlike other Abercrombie brands; the stores are a combination of modern atr and old classics; stores sell copies of antique books and feature paintings. The atmosphere is modeled after Greenwich, New York.
The animal logo is a French Bulldog, Trubble who was adopted into the Ruehl home (according to the fictional background)
Ruehl tries to introduce more sophisticated clothing and scheme.
Ruehl opened its doors in September of 2004
I went shopping at Ruehl the other day and purchased a pair of jeans.
by Miyako-chan September 11, 2008
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Abercrombie & Fitch sister company made for the upper-middle class 22-30 year old in mind. Anyone from teens to their fifties have shopped there. Jeans were a "flagship" product and often had a separate room. Prices were higher than that of A&F (Tees $28-50, Jeans $98-$198, Shirts $ $78-$88) when on clearance, items were priced similarly to that of Hollister Co.. Eastern Asians also have worn the brand in some areas as they have with other A&F brands. All stores are to close by the end of January 2010. Employees were usually less snobby than some of those employed by the main company (A&F). The fourth installment by Abercrombie & Fitch, followed by the women's underwear line Gilly Hicks.
Guy: RUEHL was so awesome! They're closing now though...
Girl: Yeah, back to Abercrombie. At least it isn't as expensive.
Guy: But they don't have leather patches on the back of their jeans!
Girl: No one's gonna see that, wait...
by ThatAsianKid January 01, 2010
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A new AnF concept store!That is very similar to J.Crew and Banana Republic!
It targets the post college demographic.
but it is quite expensive. there are only about 9 locations open in the country!but its soo kewl it looks like a new york townhouse inside!!
He Lora lets go to Ruehl its the new store at Tysons its gonna rock my sox!!!
by Hollistercoguy07 June 23, 2005
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Pronounced rule (maybe misspelled because they are trying to be hip?), this is an overpriced new line from Abercrombie targeting older consumers that is definately not worth your money. Hint: If you don't have $150 or more to spend on a pair of jeans go spend $70 at Abercrombie. If you don't have $70, go to Hollister and spend around $50. ALL THREE OF THESE STORES ARE FROM THE SAME CORPORATION AND THE JEANS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME! HOW DO THEY THINK THEY CAN CHARGE $150 FOR THE SAME PAIR OF JEANS????
Don't you think Abercrombie is trying to take advantage of people by charging double for the same item and justifying it by putting RUEHL on the label?
by yuppiegirl January 09, 2007
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Ruehl is often spelled as rhuel,rool,etc. by stupid people who probably hasn't even been to the store but stereotype rich kids who can afford it.It's another store opened up after Abercrombie & Fitch,abercrombie,and Hollister(Gily Hicks,an new store opening in Spring 2008).It's logo is a french bulldog named Trouble.
"Ruehl's songs and productss are amazing"
by princesse juicy January 01, 2008
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