5 definitions by Kapps

1) a disturbance or commotion
2) What Neil likes to cauz
3) A blend of ruction and rumpus (im serious)
You and me, lets go cauz a ruckus!!!
by Kapps March 2, 2003
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Neil's favorite all-purpose word that Sarah hates.
1. a replacement for "because"
2. a replacement for "cause" (as in, to cause)
3. a replacement for "cause" (as in, cause and effect)
1. I like that cauz it is cool.
2. I like to cauz a ruckus.
3. The cauz of the ruckus is me.
by Kapps August 8, 2003
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YO! stop cauzing a ruction!!!
by Kapps March 2, 2003
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1) To become frustrated and flustered at the same time cauz you cant get what you want 2) to be like Neil
Neil: Oh shit, I've become flustrated cauz Sarah wont go out with me.
by Kapps February 28, 2003
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Yo! your rumpus is FINE, bitch.
Hey, stop cauzing a rumpus, bitch.
by Kapps March 2, 2003
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