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The name of your average inside out oreo that cannot spell. Usually a beast at basketball and soccer but kicks ass at volleyball, tennis, hockey, cricket, and every other sport imaginable. He is a total chick magnet and loves to leave his friends babies at bars a strip clubs. This pimp has a large array of hoes stretching over many states and continents. He often drives all other illegal businesses outta business because he is just that awesome. Often the phrase "NBD" is heard around this fellow because he is just soooo beastly. All his friends wanna be him and all the girls wanna bang him. his dick is wayyyyyyyy too long and if not taken carefully may hurt the ladies on the recieving end. soooo many times every body around him collapses to the ground from any of the following reasons: he makes them laugh to death, he is too awesome, he breaks their ankles, he dangles too hard, his long flowing locks blows them away, his power high fiving skills are too awesome, and many more reasons. honestly if you are friends with him you are lucky. every good relationship, every good birthday, actually every single little good thing that ever happened to you happened because of him. he is the only reason you are still alive because your body wants to see him. his presence in the room makes you wanna go to goodwill and sniff pants. he is an overall beast at cod but doesn't play it because he is cool and plays Skyrim.
"woah, see keshawn over there"
*friend is dead on the ground*
"Damn! his awesomeness killed jerry"
*keshawn walks over*
"i feel like sniffing pants..."
by mantequillaTHEgreat January 11, 2012
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A girl who’s pretty got all types of shoes and also cool don’t play about her friends over protective and sentive gets popular fast loves food also gets all most anything she wants and can dance and get lit👌🏾🤩
Dang Keshawn you get every Jordan dat come out
by Fly January baby April 19, 2018
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A disc golf term for when you hit the top metal ring of the disc golf basket causing you to miss your putt. When hitting the top to ring of the basket, one must exclaim "KESHAWN!"
I would have had birdie if it weren't for that KESHAWN.

He had a good round but ended up shooting above par due to multiple "Keshawn's"
by Drchowmcsquall July 14, 2021
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He is a introvert person. Although, he is very social with his friends and his gf. He hates school, and school work. He likes to be by himself or around his gf most of the time. And, usually, when he's around his gf, he's a type of person. But when around his friends, he's very talkative, and likes to make jokes.
Keshawn is very loving around his gf!
by Nicole_1278 December 8, 2021
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A submissive and breed able male
Most of the time simps over girls who will never want him
I like this girl but she ignores me. Should i wait?”
“Don’t be a Keshawn man. Leave her”
by ttee5 December 23, 2021
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