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The benchmark for all really shit things. Possible the worse thing in existence.

Something that takes the private information of people from facebook groups and puts in into a big mashup list and wants people to rate it.
"I just got shot"
"aww M8 that is so Ratemash"

"The government is selling student loans"
"sooo Ratemash'

"You know the holocoast'
"yeah that a massive Ratemash'

"here about the guy in Penryn who chopped off his ****
by DrWalsh November 22, 2013

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RPS = Reversive Pubertus Syndrome.

a condition which only effect's males and doesnt exist for females.
It is when a man or teenager who has gone through puberty goes through puberty again but backwards therefore reversing the original effect of puberty. turning the sufferer back into into a what is essentially boy. this can happen at any time in man's lifetime and is currently incurably.
it is extremely rare and most sufferers like to keep private
"look hunni that poor man has RPS"

well known sufferer's are Frankie munzz, justin timberlake and yoda
by Drwalsh November 09, 2009

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