"Just Kidding"

An evolution of the acronym "jk" for "just kidding" is associated with the celebrated author J.K. Rowling. Over time, the "J.K." was dropped and shortened the term to "Rowling"
"He said that he didn't feel like coming to the party, but when he eventually showed up, he claimed he was just Rowling."
by Asa Aequitas August 18, 2007
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Rowling (to rowl) is to decide retroactively that a character in a work of fiction represented a marginalized community of the creator's choosing all along, even though they had neglected to write it into the source material. In the best cases, it's a nod to a particularly beloved fanon who really want to see confirmation of popular theories where it could exist. In the worst cases, it's an attempt for creator's to appear more inclusive and progressive than they really are.
Looks like Jojo hasn't caused another uproar on twitter in a while... wonder if she will rowl someone soon. Who's left? I personally don't

Blizzard keeps rowling their characters, like how Symmetra is now canonically autistic and canonically Tracer is now a lesbian. They almost say something but neglect to mention how they should have been thinking about these traits in the first place rather than do it retroactively to look inclusive. But also, gay Tracer is cute...
by Jwc777 April 22, 2018
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A Rowles is basically the hardest person ever. Being pretty much good at anything. There is nothing that a Rowles can be ripped on for except for lack of keeping a perfectly clean household due to an adventurous lifestyle. A rowles is also a big fan of people who are talanted at things similar to him.
Man I can see how Adam is totally a rowles, he is so dece! -Chris
by Gtown swagzilla December 5, 2013
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To be fucked over by a person who thinks they are better than you.... usually your boss!
That little fucker has rowled me!
by Kent Snapdragon April 15, 2005
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Rowling is the author of Harry potter, and has a great mind for telling childrens books. If you haven't read harry potter then get on because the last book is coming out soon.
by Karen Clark August 21, 2006
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much like LMFAO or ROFL it is a way of describing much laughter. fun, because few people have heard of it.... only cool people understand ROWL...
-did you see that youtube video?
-yeah, it made me ROWL
by jjcoolmcdude April 26, 2011
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