To consider or enact sexual fantasies that are typically reserved for sexualities other than that which you publicly declare you are.

To acknowledge the flexibility of sexuality.

To be more heteroflexible than you thought or accept, especially under the schema of compulsory heterosexuality.
A lot of straight people are rounding up
by 404011 May 24, 2018
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A term used at the stage of the night where you are desperate for action but to do so will have to lower your standards. (This term is specifically used when rating girls on a numbered scale). Instead of rounding up to the next whole integer, whack on 2 points for every girl...suddenly your prospects are much better.
Tom: Mate its 12:30 and ive got nothing tonight thinking what im thinking?
Zac: 'Round up' time!
Tom: yeees boi!
by Jakemax September 10, 2007
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Round Up is the weekend after Spring Break consisting of continuous parties by the frats of the University of Texas at Austin. All the sorority girls wear a clusterfuck of matching neon, all the other girls who never party go out just for the hell of it (or for their favorite rappers circa middle school), all the frat boys are drunk for 72 hours straight, and all the other guys are either a) so desperate to party that they pay for an overprices wristband or b) they sit inside their room watching Step Brothers.
In between the week of Spring Break and Round Up, zero fucks will be given for school.
by ngeo March 25, 2013
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When you put a large number of rangas into an enclosed location and violently force them to eat dog shit.
"All of you, get into these fucking football goals, and you, fucking ranga, eat this dog shit" this is known as a ranga round up
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Strangling the parrot, punishing percy in the palm, spanking the monkey
"Alright Ezz? Vanessa still up on the blocks is she?"

"Yeah, it's been over a week now, been Rounding up the tadpoles"
by AJT67 August 26, 2007
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When you visit (and typically have a drink) at all 5 Roccos Taverns in Los Angeles CA in one night
Yo bro, I'm down for a crazy weekend, let's crush a Roccos Round-Up this Saturday
by thatDudeFromBridgewater December 23, 2022
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A game in which one player swings a ball attatched to a string (prefably a soccer ball on a bungee cord) in a circle. This player tries to wrap the ball and string around another players legs. The person without the string tries to dodege the swinger by jumping or diving. If the swinger is succesful in wrapping the ballaround the other persons legs, y pull on the rope causing the victim to fall to the ground. After they achive this goal, htey shout BOGO ROUND-UP!
by Cuhdusmeed June 11, 2007
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