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A website dedicated to obscure and bizarre occurrences. The main page holds a collection of generally disturbing images taken from around the globe. DailyRotten.com is an extension of the site which features daily updates of news stories ranging from the strange to the political and anywhere in between. It also hosts a daily tab that highlights various anniversaries relevant to that particular day.

A third feature, the Rotten Library, is a detailed and well-written archive on a wide range of subjects. This includes biographies, and historical and scientific entries among others.

Rotten has gained a great deal of controversy in the past for some of its shocking content. What some don't realize is that the purpose of the main site has more to do with morbid curiosity than humor. In fact, the images of genocide and death are often no worse than those shown on television news. While those who visit the site could be described as "rubberneckers," they don't do so for "cheap laughs." Those who attest otherwise are generally telling more about their own train of thought than that of anyone else.
by JFr April 15, 2005
Visit rotten.com's library article on Mumia (it's well written and gore free - under "biographies" and then "crime"). Ultimately, he did it. What it comes down to is that he was both guilty and the cops investigating went overboard and probably framed him in addition.
I'm a longtime liberal and even I have to admit it. Mumia's guilty. Even Michael Moore has called him out. He did it. Really.
by JFr April 15, 2005
While Palpatine was the greatest Sith Lord and practitioner of the Force, he was not the last. Lady Lumiya, a pupil of Darth Vader's, would return the Sith to its cladestine ways decades after the Emperor's demise.
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by JFr April 15, 2005