1 definition by BYB

One of the sickest, disgusting and terrible websites in the history of the Internet. Do not go there at all costs. Do not get tricked into going there. If you do, you will see horrible things. For example, a deformed baby known as the harlequin fetus.

A hub for shock pictures visited only by insane, twisted losers with nothing better to do than seeing guy putting a kitten in a jar and leaving it there for most of its life. A website for the mentally-sick. If you think such a website is funny and use it as a source of humour, go down to the mental facility and get yourself checked out. Otherwise, you're going to hell.
Johnny had just got tricked into going to rotten.com. He saw a dead baby's head with no eyes and deformed limbs.
by BYB March 29, 2005