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Brandon is the best friend you could ever have. The best thing about him is that he will always be shorter than you. And you can always make fun of him for it.
Friend: Brandon you're so SHORT
Brandon: Ssstoooopp! You always say that! I hate it!
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ December 5, 2018
A person that someone named Selena named her boyfriend Mr. Teddy. So now every time you say Mr. Teddy Selena or Mr. Teddy get mad
Me: Hi Mr. Teddy!
Mr. Teddy: STOP! SHUT UP!
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ November 30, 2018
Vanessa is a Queer
Vanessa is a Queer
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ January 18, 2019
rootin tootin cowboy shootin 2 is just a better version of Red Dead Redemption 2
Let's play some rootin tootin cowboy shootin 2
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ December 28, 2018
Mr, Bellybutton is someone that you will hate or be friends with. Mr. Bellybutton is overweight and walks around with his bellybutton hanging out.
Did you see Mr. Bellybutton's stomach?!?! IT WAS HUGE!!!
by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ December 4, 2018