noun, synonomous to big bushy eyebrows. Named for the 60 Minutes Commentator Andy Rooney.
by Daeshim February 11, 2009
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When a male is kicked inbetween the legs accidently while playing football (soccer)
Ouch! That kid just got Roonied!
by CSkyline June 11, 2009
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Slang for the Australian one dollar coin. Derived from the slang for the Canadian one dollar coin, a loonie. The Australian coin features kangaroos where as the Canadian coin features loons, hence 'loonie'.
Q: How much does that cost?
A: One roonie.
by helen forsdale January 21, 2010
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A named reserved solely for the nicest, kindest and most attractive young lady in all the whole wide world.
Alternatively: Roonster
That Roony she's oh so fine and cool with it.
YeaH yeah Roony is THE VERY BEST.
by Thats Frankie October 6, 2019
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Usually the name for a particularly attractive you woman.
Person (a) "hey check her"
Person (b) "probably a roony"
And in general conversation:
"She's such a roony" implying very superior look
Is also used to denote someone of very high intelligence and/or a philanthropist.
For example:
"OMG Roonys are the best"
by Thats Frankie October 6, 2018
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Shortened form of 'copperoonie', another name for police officers. Rhymes with Clooney.
Goddamn, it's the roonies! Act cool, I got 30 pounds of schwag in the trunk!
by SamKerrHamMer March 12, 2020
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