To yell at someone, usually to a greater extent than necessary. May include a large amount of insults.
I said I was sorry for being late; you didn't have to romp on me so badly.
by SavageRose August 19, 2005
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another meaning of rompe means break. for example in a zion y lennox song named cuanto tengo que esperar, its said rompamos este silencio, which basically means lets break this silence. so when used in daddy yankee's song rompe, its similar to when he says break it down.
Estar contigo es lo que quiero
Dame la oportunidad para darte el mundo entero
Mai, no te preocupes, yo siempre te seré sincero
Rompamos este silencio

to be with you is what i want
give me the opportunity to give u the whole world
mami, dont worry, i will always be sincere to you
so lets break this silence

Rompe, rompe, rompe! (Bien guilla'o!)
Rompe, rompe, rompe! (Ese cuerpo ella lo!)
Rompe, rompe, rompe! (Bien guilla'o!) (Are you ready?)
Rompe, rompe, rompe! (Break it down!)
Rompe, rompe, rompe! (The way she moves ella lo!)
Rompe, rompe, rompe! (Break it down!)
(Let's go!)
by cuban link February 04, 2006
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To verbally, physically, or mentally destroy someone. This word can be used to describe or as an action
Jack:Yo Billy! Did you see Albright get romped by Randel?
Billy: Yeah that rompage was brutal!
by Joey RR February 05, 2007
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Funny internet game where player would try to get young Jedi pimp Jake laid in all sorts of wild scenarios. Player would often be given the choice of two or more options resulting in either some girly action or alternatively, a less desirable and unsavory circumstance.
What ever happened to 'the Romp'?

Only on 'the Romp'!
by Ty Paddington March 19, 2008
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