Spanish for 'with you'
"If can go, contigo, I'll tell my friends, nothing at all
I'll get my things, soon as you say, baby vamos, we'll fly away"-Lil Mo
by x*tasha*x June 04, 2005
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with you
if i could go contigo id fly away baby vomous, lkike dere is no, no tommaro
by cant say~~~~ April 07, 2003
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phrase popularize by the popular radio show "the luis jimenez show" meaning; boring,bullshit, liar or just when you are tired of hearing somebody
hey that gold chain is fake cortina contigo
by pavlo July 03, 2008
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Latin slang for "What's with you, man?". Usually used to question someone's motives or behaviour.
You went out with her?! Que pasa contigo?!
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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