1. A hopeless romantic who lives and philosophizes love and rommancisms.

2. A kind of Cyrano type person.
Jacob is sort of a romanticist. hes waxed poetry, swoons ladies with song, and dance the into his arms.
by Theamazinggeek April 24, 2019
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Some one that loves love
A girl is discussing a romance novel she read with a friend.

"He took her hand and pulled her close and dipped her as they danced. Then, he held her to him and leaned close before her ex cut between them. He ruined the kiss that would have opened her eyes!"

"Oh, Julie. You are such a romanticist."
by Katey Diddly Do April 13, 2015
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basivcally a guy that acts all philosophical and romatic to impress girls, writes really gay love letter to them as well
Youre eyes are like deep vernal pool during the vernal equinox
by Silas Dagwood March 3, 2005
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come in three parts:
1. Fabioesque- To be like fabio in anyway
2. Existentialist- To be of the philosophical school of thought that we are all resposible for our lives and ultimately our destenies
3. Romanticist- To be a hopless romantic

Basically fi you put these three together you get a fabioesque-existential-romanticist
Man that guy is such a fabioesque-existential-romanticist!
by Silas Dagwood March 1, 2005
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