a hip hop artist born in Houston, Texas.He comes from a family with a good background, his mother working at Apple and his father running his own business.Later, he will attend university for 2 years but would drop out to pursue his big dream: making music.Best known for his single, "Antidote", which is kinda dope.

also, a real nigga
Bruh, check this out! Travis Scott is coming here in New Jersey for his next concert! That's lit!
by doughboy65 November 13, 2016
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travis scott
travis scott
by travis scottt October 20, 2020
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A limited-edition meal on McDonalds
Jim: I want a Travis Scott meal. Cactus Jack sent me here.
McDonald's employee: Ok anything else?
by Mr.McBoner September 18, 2020
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artist that had a concert were 8 people died . He went to an afterparty regardless of the situation , according to him he didn't knw anything
travis scott didn't act right
by Lisandro Sky November 11, 2021
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that one guy from fortnite that killed 8 people in a concert while eating a burger with his own name in it.
wait travis scott makes music too?
by pwnda December 11, 2021
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travis scott is a rapper that a lot of people dislike because at one of his concerts 8 people have died and there is a clip of a man trying to stay alive and travis was just looking at him and continued to sing. he said on his instagram story ‘if i could stop it i would’. some people are still holding onto it. but his music isn't that bad.
dude do you know what travis scott did at one of his concerts?
by insxmniac March 25, 2022
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the realest nigga in the game. likes a sip lean and smoke tree.
Travis Scott is lit
by undergroundtroll October 10, 2016
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