something unecessary, unusual, or out of the norm; aberration. Rare occurrence.
What?! Youre white and can dance?! Thats as rare as a rocking horse shit.
by Vivector February 4, 2004
(1) Andy Parker; (2) the opposite of a power bottom.
E.G. : a gay man (usually an andy) that rocks on top of a dick instead of taking it like a lady.

I rode my roommate Joe so hard last night he made me look like a rocking horse topper...
by J B B J October 27, 2011
something rare or nonexistant (because, a roecking horse does not generate maure)
The Pictures of the encounter with the storm were like rocking horse shit.
by The Return of Light Joker April 12, 2011
To never exist. Very rare. Not easily obtainable
That's as rare as rocking horse shit.
by teddyc June 23, 2008
A really cool expression said only by the most exquisite people.
Grant: I'm clearly awesome in every way, shape, or form, but unfortunately I'm bored off my rocking horse.
by EntendreX2 October 24, 2015
well just an old rocking horse that you sit on and just rock back and forth and by then by turning it on it side, now that the person is warmed up and streched, the horse handles are inserted any way you want it anal or vaginal, it is generally used as a fat girls or guys plaything or love friend, after wards you suck the handles to get all juices and fecal matter off, so the tail is to wipe your ass and the smell keeps your friends and family away so you can enjoy the investment you have earned horse, fat chick, boyfriend,girlfriend, lovehorse
Damn, my rocking horse with a straw tail was sold to a fat chick for a long lasting love relationship. I am going to miss the long 23 hour riding days.
by thurgud the terrible June 5, 2004