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A Rated-G wannabe one piece Casino "game" which gives you a constant dopamine rush with "Progress" in "game" to get you to invest more money in the "game", if you dont spend money? have fun grinding lol
"I started playing blox fruits yesterday, its super fun!"
1 week later
"Ugh so much grind, im going to just buy one gamepass"
1 month later
"Its fine, I can go buy some in game currency or a few more gamepasses, not too much."
4 months later
"Ugh, I exhausted my savings, now I have to go touch grass and go WORK. So annoying."
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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Used by ro-gangsters/wannabe gangsters or people who generally hate cops
The po-po exists i guess i have no idea what to put here
by somerandomnameiguess November 23, 2022
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Little kids who think they're gangsters and likely play: The Streets, Da hood, Da hood ripoffs, other crappy generic "Gangster" games where you just shoot everyone. These species usually shoot everyone who "Is a cop" for some reason, only to realize once they grow up that they would get their fucking ass handed to them if they shoot some cop randomly FOR NO REASON, and swarmed by half the entire police department who mind you, have armor and are armed with ar-15s, shotguns, glocks, in general things that would get them turned into shredded cheese within seconds. or landed in a emergency room surrounded by doctors who probably dont even want to fucking help this bitch who had the audacity to shoot a cop who likely have a godamn ar 15, a riot shield, and a Carl Gustaf rocket launcher in their pocket. and 10 F-15 Figher jets, 25 M1 Abrams battle tanks, 50 M67 Grenade Launchers.
Ro-Gangsters suck ngl
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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If you bought Roblox Headless, you either are a 13 Year old brat, or a 8 year old brat on his ipad or laptop, sweating in roblox Da Hood, or E-dating, Neither way, if you bought this. You wasted 31,000 Robux, or in real life money, 387.12$
Please don't buy headless, go buy some dominoes pizzas with it instead, or go get some expensive dinner at some restaurant. Or go spend it on getting some lays potato chips.
guywhogetsnofemales-"I bought Roblox Headless!"

System error, you attracted no females lmao no one cares if you got headless you wasted almost 400$ bro
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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The WORST Support or moderation you will find on your'e 60 or 70, 80 years or so on this planet. You will get banned for the MOST Minuscule things. Such as getting banned for USING AN COMMAND IN GAME, while E-daters and R34/R63 assets and models are easily let through in the creator marketplace, and "Roblox Condos" Which are LITERAL STRIP CLUBS FOR MINORS are completely let through and somehow not instantly banned into oblivion. Good job Roblox, for hiring moderators SO HORRIBLE at their job, a 12 Year old could do better. Truly, Powering Imagination.
"Your safety, is not our problem" -Roblox Support/Moderation team
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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These groups range from trash all the way to not that bad. These groups always have those ads which show "Fighting" or some military guy with a gun and some text like "Fight for _____!" or something. and in reality they're all just training simulators, they do have "raids" but. Yea ive never seen that happen a lot. Theres something that every group has in common. In their academy game, they always have those "Raider gamepasses" or Gun gamepasses which your never going to be allowed to FUCKING USE because your "interrupting trainings" or "abusing power" Oh ok, reasonable right? your shooting your own team (if your in the group) or interrupting a training ruining some other guys experience! But. WHY EVEN FUCKING SELL THAT GAMEPASS IN THE FIRST PLACE, but sometimes you might actually have some good groups with good "trainings" and have fun being in a community of wannabe soldiers.
Timmy:"I joined the military"
Parent:"Huh? how, you can't eve-
Timmy:"I joined a Roblox Military Group"
Parent:"What the fuck is that oh and by the way I got to go buy some milk"
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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A nice way of telling everyone and the cops included, to strap you onto a crucifix, burn you alive, send your corpse to the landfill.
Timmy-"Guys i'm coming out as a Minor Attracted Person (MAP)!"

Timmy was publicly executed moments later.
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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