What millennials use to shorten the 2 words they can easily say; 'right now'
Text message:
Mom: Where are you?!?!
Daughter: im sooooooooo druk rn
by @realdolanddump July 5, 2018
to describe a dude who isn't ballin. RN = Regular Nigga
that dude is a nurse RN. meaning that dude is just a Regular Nigga

mainly used by us ballaz to describe a dude a grl is rolling with who isn't ballin
by Matlock2 May 7, 2008
used as a substitute for the letter m
m looks like rn, how coincidental.
by sugarbuzz November 2, 2009
right now!people use this when they're totally fucked up and too lazy to text
"i'm really fucked rn and will b sick af tomorrow

-Love u and C u on Monday
Good fucking yard
"Lubna!rn im totally fucked up!call you tomorrow"
by biatch23 August 23, 2015
Replace any m with rn and rnost people don’t notice it ( unless they reread it)
If you want to mess with somebody’s head say sometimes like ‘ I’rn gonna go now’
by Not the angel February 9, 2020
that retarded Nutfuck gave me a shot in my ass
by spencer November 14, 2003