Very funny and beautiful girl. She is very very very kind but doesn’t take bs. She is naive about her own love life but can give great advice to others. She is intelligent, a boss and she is very popular. Go get you a lubna coz beautiful people like them are very uncommon ;)
Dan : lubna is so beautiful and sweet, I want to ask her out
Brian: well I wouldn’t try if I were you because I want to ask her out too!
by Unicornsparkle101 April 22, 2019
Strength, beauty, intelligence and humour. The ability to make a lame joke out of anything. Not to be viewed in the early morning just after wake up time.
Wow, I admire your Lubna!
by Ls446 July 1, 2014
A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine

storax tree

by stuff January 20, 2005
Lubna is the name coming from muslim/arabic descent, Lubna is often an adorable and cute short girl, with brown hair and an amazing sense of humor, she will be there with you until the very end and has an amazing laugh. Overall Lubna is an amazing person.
Person 1: "lubna has such a great laugh! I would kill to be with her!"
Person 2 "Obviously!"
by Old Spicey Lad November 3, 2020
Lubna is a tiny cute girl she will always be there for you no matter what! She is kind but do not estimate her because even though she is tiny she is big too!
Lubna: hi I'm lubna tiny lubna
by HRL IG November 26, 2018
A very hot and sexy girl that can be very naive. She has a very strong appetite and attracts only real men
That lubna is so beautiful
by Sharlene12 February 14, 2018
Balcony Woman : a very sexy and hot super hero that goes through peoples windows when they call her unconsciously. she helps them get out of the closet and be comfortable.
Lubna came through my window to make me feel ok about myself.
Lubna by day balcony woman by night.
by LJ6964 March 17, 2011