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To be "uninvited" from a professional event due to malicious innuendo, misrepresentation, and outright lies based off of a fictional story you wrote, or fan fiction someone else wrote about you.

Called such because the most famous victim was John Ringo.
"Did you hear that ConCarolinas uninvited John Ringo because someone wrote some fan-fic about him being like a character he wrote?"

"Did you hear that Larry Corriea got Ringoed from a games convention because he was a White Supremist Rape Apologisist"
"Isn't he of various hispanic descent? And married to some of the same? And didn't he state that his prefered outcome for an attempted rape was two to the rapist's chest?"
"Yup. But that doesn't matter when you have a harpy screeching because he fisked her fiance a new orifice"
by Skua September June 06, 2018
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